About Lunado Group

Lunado Group B.V., established in 1993, has been a manufacturer, importer, exporter, wholesaler and is specialized in tubefittings, frames and mobile display systems. The headquarters are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In addition, we also have an office in Hannover, Germany. Lunado Group ships its products to over 20 countries, both in- and outside of Europe. Lunado Group supplies exclusively to resellers and large dealers. By providing service, high-quality products and customized products, Lunado Group has been an established partner for more than twenty years.

Meet us on the VISCOM 2019

Lunado will take part at the VISCOM – Europe’s leading Exhibition in Signs and Displays - in the upcoming year again. All big players of that branch will be seen at the show. We are looking forward to represent ourselves in all our diversity, we will present an...

Kiotoweg 407-409, 3047 BG Rotterdam

Lunado Display Systems