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Lunado Group B.V., established in 1993, has been a manufacturer, importer, exporter, wholesaler and is specialized in tubefittings, frames and mobile display systems. The headquarters are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In addition, we also have an office in Hannover, Germany. Lunado Group ships its products to over 20 countries, both in- and outside of Europe. Lunado Group supplies exclusively to resellers and large dealers. By providing service, high-quality products and customized products, Lunado Group has been an established partner for more than twenty years.

Almost 25 years of knowledge and experience
Our broad and thorough knowledge and years of experience are the fundament of our success. Our expertise, technical capabilities and quality standards provide a fine product and highly satisfied customers. For exact delivery, early customization advice, first-class quality and a perfect product, you can always come to Lunado!

Research & Development
Lunado Group continuously works on new solutions for the sign industry. In the near future, you can expect many more innovative products through our sales labels. So be sure to keep an eye out for the latest products and other (product) developments.

Lunado Group B.V. is the holding company of its sales labels Lunado Display Systems® and EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings.

Lunado Display Systems