EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings


EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings

Connectors, Tubes, Frames and lots of exhibition products.
Your custom made products can be created with EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings.
From outdoor advertisings to furniture; our EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings assortment contains the most tubefittings in Europe.

These connectors allow you to build most different constructions from tubes.
By using set screws, a safe connection can be made, but still easy to assemble and dismantle.
Most of our Tubefittings are TÜV certified and can be delivered from stock.

EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings are available in 6 different measurements for round tubes as well as 40x40 mm square tubes. Constructions and frames can be produced in all measurements. The sizes in the drawings and tables are in mm, the BSP set scres in inches.

EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings is part of the Lunado Group B.V. holding company.

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